Zero Waste Arlington’s new website provides many opportunities to help Arlington residents understand the importance of reducing our waste and learn how to adopt a Zero Waste lifestyle. 

Our site serves as a resource for residents to micro-organize at the street and neighborhood levels and support the Town of Arlington’s environmental goals.

Content found in ‘The Latest’ blog may include:

  • News, announcements and press releases about local efforts
  • Original or shared articles and blogs about Zero Waste living

We encourage you to visit our site often for updates, or even better, contact us to get involved!

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Project Zero: Student-run low-waste event services

Project Zero: Student-run low-waste event services

Project Zero, a student-run volunteer group, offers low-waste event services for Town events and sports banquets by providing durable, reusable tableware (dishes, utensils, cups), washable tablecloths, and set-up and clean-up support.