Reducing Arlington’s waste was on the Arlington annual Town Meeting agenda this May.

Zero Waste Arlington Annual Report

Co-chairs Larry Slotnik and Priya Sankalia presented a year-in-review report highlighting the group’s accomplishments:

Producer Responsibility Resolution

In addition, the Zero Waste Arlington Legislative Subcommittee brought a Producer Responsibility Resolution to Town Meeting which passed with near unanimous support. This subcommittee keeps track of bills in the Massachusetts state legislature and updates the committee on their status. 

The Resolution states that “The Town of Arlington urges the Massachusetts State Legislature to enact pending and future Producer Responsibility legislation. These laws will relieve municipalities of this ever-rising cost, and/or give producers the incentive to sell products that are less toxic and easier to reuse and recycle, by requiring such producers to bear the costs for the proper recycling and responsible disposal of their products.”

There are at least seven proposed bills pending in the Massachusetts 2023-24 legislative session addressing Product Stewardship. Updates on this legislation will be posted on our website.

Ottoson Students propose Subsidized Restaurant Composting

Finally, kudos to Ottoson Middle School students whose proposed Article to subsidize the collection of compost for Arlington eating establishments passed with a nearly unanimous vote.

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