Arlington on Tap

This campaign brings greater awareness to the high quality of our tap water, and develops and promotes a network of public refill stations in Arlington.

Refill stations are located at:

  • Arlington Reservoir¬†
  • Thorndike Field
  • Hurd Field
  • Swan Place
Refill Station Locations

Arlington Reservoir
Arlington Heights, just outside the gates to Reservoir Beach

Hurd Field
Arlington Heights, off the Minuteman Bikeway behind Trader Joe’s and next to the Hurd Field softball field

Swan Place
Arlington Center, at the corner of Swan Place and Mass. Ave. on the wall of Greek Habits

Thorndike Field
East Arlington, on the Minuteman Bikeway next to the red ‘Welcome to Arlington’ sign, near the dog park

Why Tap Water?

Arlington is a participant in the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) network of communities that draws its water from the Quabbin Reservoir in Central Massachusetts. Tap water in Arlington is a safe and healthy choice, and much more sustainable than bottled water. It is regularly monitored at the source for purity, and subject to strict water quality standards to minimize the risk of exposure to harmful contaminants. The 2020 drinking water test results for Arlington published by the MWRA confirm that our drinking water quality is excellent. 

Tap water is very low-cost, making it an indispensable community resource. It does not contribute to litter, plastic pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions in our community the way bottled water does. Each plastic bottle discarded after a single use has a very low chance of being recycled. When tossed in the trash in Arlington, it ends up at an incinerator, which releases toxins into the atmosphere.


Explore the map below to locate outdoor and indoor water bottle filling stations and fountains.  Click on the box on the top right of the map frame to enlarge map and toggle layers on and off.

Building a Water Refill Station Network

Since 2022, Zero Waste Arlington has been actively working with town stakeholders to install refill stations.

State Representative Sean Garballey worked on Arlington’s behalf to secure $50,000 in the FY23 state budget specifically allocated to fund the installation of refill stations. We thank Representative Garballey for his proactive work and ongoing support of our efforts.

Many municipal buildings such as schools, libraries, the Community Center, and Town Hall already have modern bottle refilling stations. We plan to complement the indoor stations with outdoor locations along Massachusetts Avenue, the Minuteman bikeway, and Arlington parks. See map of current locations.

This network will be an important public amenity that will allow residents and visitors to stay hydrated without the need to buy bottled water in single-use plastic containers.

Retailers and Tap Water Refills

The Arlington on Tap campaign also includes outreach to business owners. As part of Reduce Single-Use!, our related campaign to reduce single-use plastics at takeout restaurants, we are asking restaurants to commit to refilling a customer’s water bottle or providing a glass of tap water upon request.

Restaurants that provide water dispensers that are available for anyone to fill their own reusable bottles will be recognized by Zero Waste Arlington on a list of supportive businesses and featured on our Arlington on Tap town map.

Participating restaurants include Kickstand Cafe, The Roasted Granola, Tatte, Mill Cafe and the Capitol Theater.