“Earth to Arlington… Let’s talk trash”

A webinar series of community-wide discussions hosted by Zero Waste Arlington. We hope these conversations introduce topics that help you navigate the Zero Waste world. 

We are what we don’t eat – Understanding the food waste problem

April 13, 2023

Awareness of the plastic waste crisis is growing, but food waste is actually the largest component of municipal waste in the U.S., filling up a larger portion of the landfill than plastics or textiles. More than one-third of all U.S. food waste occurs in our homes. How do we reduce the environmental impact of excess food and food waste? 

This webinar will look at the big picture with Elise Springuel from Food Link, Justin Sandler of Black Earth Compost, and John Fischer from the Mass. Department of Environmental Protection. Our panelists will discuss energy used to produce, transport, and rescue food; the scope of the challenge of household and business waste; and what policies the Commonwealth is implementing. 


New Waste Bans:
What You Need to Know – with live Q&A

November 30, 2022

Our blue bins are still important, but sometimes bans are needed when it comes to solid waste and meeting Massachusetts’ ambitious goals. The Commonwealth is requiring the recycling of mattresses and textiles and Arlington’s single use plastic water bottle ban went into effect on Nov 1st.  What does all this mean for you?  

Amping Up the Other 2 Rs
(Reduce & Reuse)

November 10, 2021

This webinar takes aim at pre-consumption behavior and explores locally-based strategies for Zero Waste. Implementing these other two “Rs” is the obvious path toward reducing trash tonnage to meet our Town’s goals. We’re not just talking about carrying a refillable water bottle anymore. How can we make this a more socially-acceptable movement… Even a lifestyle choice?

This event was moderated by Scott Mullen, Zero Waste Arlington committee member. Panelists included: Lauren Fernandez (Zero Waste Analyst at Conservation Law Foundation), Sarah Levy (Owner of cleenland), and Veronika McDonald King (Founder of Everything is Free Arlington, MA).

Beyond Recycling:
Divert More Trash and Get to Zero Waste

June 23, 2021

Zero Waste Arlington wants to help residents stay informed about what program options control disposal costs while increasing valuable materials recovery. We’ll discuss new options the Town could pursue, such as financial incentives and regulations for households and businesses/restaurants to reduce their waste, contain litter, and participate in diverting organics from their trash.

Moderated by Scott Mullen, Zero Waste Arlington committee member, and featuring Kirstie Goodwin Pecci, an environmental attorney, and director of the Zero Waste Project at Conservation Law Foundation, and Julia Greene, our MA Department of Environmental Protection Mass. DEP Municipal Assistance Coordinator.

Recycling IQ, The Blue Bin Contamination Challenge

March 3, 2021

In the inaugural webinar, host and East Arlington resident Scott Mullen led a discussion about the the plummeting value of recyclables and the impact on Arlington, and how residents play an important role. Scott was joined by panelists Charlotte Milan (DPW Recycling Coordinator) and Julie Benyo (Recycling IQ Auditor).

What was the Blue Bin Contamination challenge?  Why was it launched?  How successful was it in reaching its goal of educating Arlington about recycling contamination?  How did people react to being audited?  Get smart about recycling and Zero Waste!!