Recycling is not enough.

We must reduce and ultimately aim to
eliminate our waste.

Zero Waste is a lifestyle aspiration that seeks to minimize the human burden on our planet by eliminating waste

Goal: no trash. Period.

Zero Waste is about conscious pre-consumption choices.

Before purchasing a new item, ask yourself: do I need this? What impact will this item and its packaging have on the environment? Can I get it gently used somewhere else? Can I find another solution that will not generate waste?

Zero Waste begins as a personal and household choice. 

Look to your neighbors for how they are reducing their waste. Share ideas, tips and resources. Be an example to others. Start conversations.

Zero Waste behavior demands a comprehensive outlook.

You may be familiar with the 3Rs and the triangular chasing arrows symbol that embodies Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The fact is, recycling is the least impactful of the three because it still requires consumption. We must go beyond recycling (a post-consumer behavior) and begin with “refuse” to stop the waste.

Live simply and intentionally towards
stewardship of the Earth.

The Zero Waste way of thinking:


Say no to what you don’t need.


Avoid single-use and unnecessary items.


Switch to reusable and permanent alternatives.


Compost organic household waste.


Recycling is the last resort.