Help reduce unnecessary waste by composting your pumpkins.

Pumpkins are considered food and should not be thrown in yard waste.

Pumpkins are heavy and water-filled and we do not want them going in the trash to be incinerated and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Please compost them if you can.



  • Put pumpkins in yard waste 
  • Bring your pumpkins to FiDO 
  • Paint or decorate pumpkins with bling (they can’t be composted)



  • Compost pumpkins in your backyard compost or through your curbside subscription service (now is a good time to sign up!)
  • Have kids in elementary school? Watch school news for school collections in early November.

Why compost pumpkins?

  • Pumpkins cannot go in yard waste as they are considered food waste. 
  • While pumpkins are fine to go with your trash, they are heavy and water-filled and we prefer they not go to the incinerator. If you already compost or use a subscription food scrap subscription service, please include pumpkins with your food scraps.
  • Composting pumpkins allows them to be naturally processed for helping gardens, trees, and new food to grow. They are good to add to a backyard composting system. However, don’t leave them out as “food” for critters, as that can attract unwanted pests.
  • Please never not drop off pumpkins in the Town’s Feed FiDO program, it could cause overflow and threaten the success of the program. 

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