Since its launch a year ago, Zero Waste Arlington’s Arlington on Tap campaign is making headway.

Arlington on Tap was initiated to reduce single-use plastic and support the town’s passage of the single-use plastic water bottle retail ban in 2022. Tap water in Arlington is a safe and healthy choice, and much more sustainable than bottled water.

New Hurd Field water filling station 

The recently installed water filling station at Hurd Field (off of the bike path, between Trader Joe’s and the Arlington Reservoir) is the inaugural project of the partnership between Zero Waste Arlington and the Town. 

Our work to expand water bottle filling stations throughout Arlington includes partnerships with the Parks & Recreation Department, the Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Town Manager’s office. Efforts are currently underway to refurbish the water filling station at Swan Place (corner of Mass. Ave. & Swan Place in Arlington Center), among other projects. 

Partner Restaurants

In addition to building a network of exterior water filling stations, we are partnering with restaurants that offer free interior water dispensers for customers. Participating Arlington on Tap restaurants include Kickstand Cafe, The Roasted Granola and the Capitol Theater.

Map of Refill Stations, Fountains and Participating Restaurants

Looking for tap water resources to fill your reusable bottle in town? Refer to our detailed map of water fountains, water filling stations and participating restaurants.

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