The Arlington on Tap network of water refill stations has grown to four stations:

    1. Arlington Reservoir (Arlington Heights)
    2. Hurd Field (Arlington Heights, off the Minuteman Bikeway behind Trader Joe’s)
    3. Swan Place (Arlington Center, privately operated by Greek Habits)
    4. Thorndike Field (East Arlington, on the Minuteman Bikeway)

Zero Waste Arlington will also be hosting another free water truck at Town Day in September, where residents can refill their reusable bottles while enjoying the event.

Arlington Reservoir

The refill station at Arlington Reservoir is located right outside the gated entrance to the Reservoir Beach. The unit is accessible to visitors without entering/paying Reservoir Beach.

Thorndike Field

The Thorndike Field refill station is located next to the large red ‘Welcome to Arlington’ sign directly on the Minuteman Bikeway, in between Thorndike Field and Magnolia Field and close to the Thorndike Dog Park.

Hurd Field

The Hurd Field refill station is located right off of the Minuteman Bikeway in Arlington Heights behind Trader Joe’s and adjacent to the Hurd Field softball field.

Swan Place

The Swan Place refill station is located in Arlington Center at the intersection of Swan Place and Mass. Ave. on the wall of Greek Habits restaurant.

All units are open seasonally and are shut off in mid-October and turned on in mid-April.

Zero Waste Arlington continues to work closely with Joe Connelly, the Director of Arlington Parks and Recreation to implement future water refill stations. A refill station is included in the Robbins Farm Park playground renovation and is expected to be operational later this year. Future sites being explored include Parallel Playground, Hill’s Hill, and Menotomy Rocks Park.

The Arlington on Tap initiative started in 2022 after the passage of a Town bylaw prohibiting the retail sale of single-use plastic water bottles less than one liter. Arlington took this bold action because the container — the plastic bottle — has contributed to the public health and environmental crisis spurred by plastics.

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