Zero Waste Arlington’s mission is to foster greater participation in all forms of waste reduction in Arlington, Mass. and to improve health and restore the environment through outreach and education to residents, businesses and Town government. 

Going beyond recycling containers, paper and packaging, we promote practices that encourage refuse, reduce, reuse, rot (composting) and recycling that help lead to a Zero Waste lifestyle.

As an appointed Town Committee, we advise the Town and advocate for policies which align with Massachusetts’ goals for municipal solid waste reduction, which includes responding to advances in recycled material sorting technologies and changes in market demand for recovered materials. 

Our committed team of volunteers provides education and support at all levels within the community to create, implement, and promote programs that drive down the need for solid waste disposal via landfill or incineration such as:

  • Rincreasing diversion of organics
  • Rreducing plastics/plasticware retail sale and distribution
  • Rcreating awareness about excessive consumer packaging
  • Rminimizing recycling contamination
  • Rencouraging community swapping and sharing practices